Upgrade of 25,000 POS devices leads to P2PE compliance

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  • 25,000 POS devices
  • 1,717 locations
  • 450 -650 devices per week
  • PCI-DSS & P2PE compliant
  • Reduced transaction fees
  • No revisits required


The Customer

This leading supermarket has over 1,500 stores in the UK and prides itself on providing quality and value to its customers.


The Challenge

The need to remove legacy hardware offered this ‘big four’ retailer the opportunity to not only benefit from the cost savings of running compliant devices, but also paved the way for upgrades to existing hardware, prolonging the life-span of in-store equipment through upgraded batteries, ram versions and firmware. In meeting the criteria for P2PE compliance, required all existing devices to be re-birthed. This opportunity facilitated the piggybacking of upgrades to the hardware prolonging the lifespan of devices across the estate.


The Solution

Barron McCann provisioned the services to support this ‘big four’ retailer in meeting the updated PCI-DSS and P2PE regulations. The hardware, upgraded at Barron McCann’s Derby workshop, were scanned and rebirthed and, through a strict chain of custody, recommissioned within primary stores, convenience stores, petrol stations and rail outlets.


The Results

25,000 devices, across the entire estate, totalling 1,717 active locations, received upgraded, compliant and P2PE delivered devices.

Why Barron McCann?


  • Excellence in project management, execution, and reporting
  • Able to provide extensive implementation and services delivery portfolio including procurement, hangaring, build/configuration and deployment, as well as on-going support (break-fix maintenance) for POS and IT equipment across the board
  • Solid 35-year reputation as a leading supplier to UK and European retailers
  • Highly knowledgeable, dedicated and efficient Project & Support team
  • A quality-driven, scalable delivery model
  • Leveraging in house expert knowledge and dedicated resources such as project management, logistics, warehousing, and build


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