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From Ferry to Train operator, Airline/Airside business to Hotel chain, our teams are delivering into these environments daily and dealing with their specific demands, across many Global locations. Understanding the criticality of both the equipment and the service window, ensures our service wrappers are targeted and proportionate. Supporting traditional IT, cabling & Wi-Fi infrastructure through to unattended and interactive technologies, we are there when you need us, ensuring the experience you provide for your customers, is unhindered and unaffected.

Our commitment to high quality at low cost has allowed us to develop into the market-leading provider of project, deployment & hardware support services.

We can:

  • Experienced teams that understand “access”, including airside, rail side,  portside & other restricted environments
  • Technology specialists supporting all your assets from fixed & mobile IT to end point communications equipment & the infrastructure that “connects” it together
  • Inform, identify & provide technology solutions that enhance the customer journey
  • FTE’s that truly comprehend your trading environment & the demands it generates
  • Problem & Trend ownership to generate BI that drives decisions based on Which, Where, Why & What next
  • Deliver services that “flex” when you need them to, in preparation or response to key trading events
  • A business that can scale, extending its reach & service portfolio as your business diversifies & grows
  • Create only models that are completely scalable to pivot and evolve in line with your needs
  • Offer true partnership with shared goals, investment, incentives & risk

“Barron McCann provided us with a significant service improvement from day one.”

Head of IT - Leading Travel Retailer


SLA delivered against a 90% target

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