Important Statement for our Existing and Potential Clients and Partners

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Dear all,

In light of recent events and the testing times ahead, we at Barron McCann thought it worth dropping you a line to let you know that we are still in position and poised ready to lend a hand where needed.

While you may have historically worked with us across several disciplines including retail technology deployments or hospitality support and maintenance, we wanted to make you aware that our “Projects” division excels in most IT orientated environments. Our service and support teams, dispersed across the UK and Ireland are multi-faceted and willing to look at any challenges you are facing.

In the current climate of uncertainty, we will assist wherever we sensibly can. In spite of shifting requirements around workplaces, transportation, logistics, supply chain and human safety, we remain agile, organised and flexible.

The strategies that we have in place to protect our specialist teams and deliver business continuity are working well and we are confident of helping our customers and partners to deliver powerful step changes in the coming weeks that will provide real benefit and dynamically impact our temporarily startled economy. Equally, we will be happy just to make life a little easier for people where possible.

Please let us know how we can assist you!

Thanks and Best Regards,
Barron McCann (BMc).

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