Barron McCann Supports St John Ambulance Using 3D Printing Technology

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Barron McCann is pleased to announce the production of several hundreds of surgical face mask clips and PPE visor holders to support frontline UK health workers during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Our Innovation Team is producing equipment using 3D printers, normally dedicated to creating technology components, to support St John Ambulance and the NHS.

St John Ambulance has provided well over 100,000 hours of front-line support since 1st April as volunteers continue to assist the NHS with 999 call outs. St John Ambulance has been responsible for safeguarding lives by delivering patients safely to and from the hospital, as well as providing volunteers to work in hospital Emergency Departments around the country.

The surgical mask clips sit behind the back of the head and have intermittent catches to allow for size adjustment. The elastic straps of a face mask can then be hooked onto the catches that provide maximum comfort. This averts the need for the elastic straps of the mask to be hooked directly around the ears – a practice which can cause painful skin irritation over time.

BMc is also producing a visor holder mechanism designed to hold visors firmly in place. This greatly reduces the risk of germs being passed through the air and contributes to the integrity of medical PPE.

Neil Truan, Managing Director said; “We all have a responsibility in supporting our frontline health workers during this pandemic. Our innovation teams have worked hard to produce not only these components but also provide additional support for our healthcare professionals and medical teams, as they work tirelessly for us, on the frontline”.

Heather Powell, Unit Manager at the Derby Unit of St John Ambulance said; “We are really grateful for the offer of these face mask clips and I’m sure that our volunteers out on ambulances, providing extra support at hospitals and those returning to public events will appreciate the added comfort which they will get from them. Our volunteers are doing a great job of supporting the NHS on the frontline.”

Barron McCann is a Covid-19, Secure accredited organisation and has implemented the governments new safe working guidelines. Employees work at a safe distance from one another whilst respecting the 2-metre rule. Enhanced cleaning and sanitising measures have been implemented to ensure the safety of employees and customers.

If you are a front line worker and feel your establishment would benefit from the face mask clips or visor holders please call +44 (0) 1332 866 500 or email with your contact details and requirements.

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