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We analyse, advise & add real tangible value


We deliver to you an accurate but informed understanding of your current IT landscape, including technologies & solutions deployed, service methodology & vendor value.  With the effective analysis of these data sets, we build outcomes that are not only correct but proportionate and focused on providing you with both instant & continuous improvement.

A multitude of variables can be factored including investment returns, maintenance methodology and solutions, hardware lifecycles, forward compatibility, system interfacing and environmental aspects, to build you the perfect solution, deployed and supported by industry experts.

We will:

  • Analyse, advise & add real tangible value
  • Provide comprehensive BI/ML
  • Review across your estate, within your sector and across verticals
  • Factor other priorities including CSR & Lifecycle Management
  • Produce simplistic & efficient solutions
  • Deliver ROI be that commercial, operational, or technical integrated solutions that complement
  • Provide dashboards that are informative & predictive with Machine Learning
"We needed an unbiased review of our current landscape and BMc were able to both deliver clarity and provide a range of potential initiatives."
"BMc delivered an agnostic & objective solution to the challenges we presented and most importantly provided us with real choice.!


We are able to not only assess the multiple IT challenges you have, but assist you with deciding on the most suitable solution for your business. Our offers are innovative and address both service methodology as well as delivering technology to drive efficiency & improve the customer experience & their journey.

We are able to consult, offer advice or provision the actual solution, our aim being always to deliver real value ahead of straight revenue generation, enhancing our trusted partner status.

We provide:

  • “Customer need” solutions, rather than “Supplier want” solutions
  • Technical expertise across OEMs & market sectors
  • Solution agnostic identifying correct fit for purpose & best of breed
  • Service wrappers that truly match & compliment
  • Green, Low Carbon & CSR specific solutions
  • Access global procurement channels
  • Ecosystem of Technology providers
  • Effective success criteria ensuring clarity on benefits achieved



We provide Green, Low Carbon & CSR specific solutions



We have over 25,000 deployments per year


Our market-leading deployment teams have a vast amount of real-world engineering & project management skills & experience gained over the past 25 years, so we can deliver our customers a wide range of world-class solutions. Whether you need to change, move, upgrade or replace your entire IT estate, we can assist you in designing the optimum deployment strategy. With referenceable success across multiple sectors & technologies within them, you can be assured your project will be prepared, planned & executed Right First Time.
We have:

  • A large 1,000-point Design, Build & Configuration centre
  • Prince2 & Agile PMO
  • Dedicated FTE’s with specific industry & technology knowledge
  • 120,000 sq. ft HQ plus global logistics & warehousing solutions
  • Structured cabling, Fibre & power services
  • Accredited People, Systems & Processes
  • Real-Time integrated systems – “you know it & see it”, as it happens
  • Dedicated & discrete customer test environments
"The BMc project team always delivers; removing risk from our business change programmes."
"We experienced a noticeable difference in service from the 1st day BMc took on the support of our estate."


We deliver agile Field Engineering services across any distributed systems (same equipment in multiple locations) marketplace. We are industry leaders & revered across the industry for our rock-solid fundamentals & consistent service metrics. We are a problem-solving business, able to innovate around the service layer to ensure the commercial & operational solutions we deliver to You, are the best solutions for You.

We have:

  • Over 40 years’ experience
  • Service excellence across 17 countries
  • Multi layered logistics supporting 165+ FTE engineers across UK & Ireland
  • Multilingual, 24-7 IT Help Desk
  • Integrated, real-time systems & dashboards
  • Accredited services – ISO, PCI, Cyber
  • Advanced Repair Centre – skills & technology adding value
  • Modern Service Management – data, driving decisions


SLA Compliance

We have over 40 years’ experience and deliver Service Excellence across 7 countries

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